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Team-Building with Barre Technical Center

Barre Technical Center faculty and staff was the first program at LLDC this fall.  25 adults came to integrate new teachers and staff with the old guard, some of whom have been there for twenty years.  The staff specifically asked for this program so that they could work on some of the internal dynamics that were preventing people from comfortably speaking up for themselves.

The group was broken up into 3 smaller groups to navigate through a series of team-building challenges that focused on trust and communication.  In one challenge participants had to silently figure out a pattern amongst 16 carpet squares.  In another challenge, participants worked with partners where one member was blindfolded while his or her partner directed them to retrieve an object amongst a barrage of other objects.  In yet another challenge, all of the members of each team had to balance on a teeter totter platform for as long as possible.  And one group had to navigate along a series of cables, spotting one another.

There were great reflections made all day within each group.  Adult groups are a nice change of pace for LLDC staff because of the depth that participants are willing to go into the reflection process.  Everyone left for the day feeling like they got a lot out of the program and that they got to know one another better.

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