sled dogs at lotus lake discovery center cooperative raft building challenge happy school group at outdoor education program

Winter Outdoor Education Programs

Dressed in the right layers, a day spent outside in Vermont winters is invigorating and empowering.

LLDC will teach your group the right layers to wear so that you can enjoy the day outside while participating in many of our activities.

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Fire Building

As part of a team, groups will build a “one match” fire with natural materials that they find in the woods.

Quinzhee Building

Quinzhee is the Inuit word for snow shelter. A quinzhee is built with loose snow, versus an igloo, which is made with packed, dry snow.  Each group creates a mound of snow and digs into a previously hardened mound to hollow it out.  LLDC has a great “quinzhee village” by the end of a good winter.

Ice Fishing

Participants learn to drill the holes in the ice, bait the lines, and then try to catch a fish.

Mock Ice Rescue

Participants learn about ice safety and then perform a staged rescue of one of their team members.  This is a great winter team-building activity.

Animal Tracking

Groups go out for an adventure looking for animal footprints, scat, droppings, scratches in the bark of trees or ground, and homes.

Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is great exercise in the wintertime!   Added with animal tracking, this is the ultimate winter activity at Lotus Lake Discovery Center.

Dog-Sledding Demonstrations

Participants will learn about:

Finally, participants work as a team to pull a real sled!