sled dogs at lotus lake discovery center cooperative raft building challenge happy school group at outdoor education program

Spring Outdoor Education Programs

Celebrate the end of the school year or the arrival of warmer weather at LLDC!

Spring programs can incorporate environmental education, team building, swimming, and overnights.

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Adventure Education

LLDC uses cooperative games, ice breakers, trust activities, and team building challenges as a means of helping individuals and groups engage in a change or growth process.

LLDC has a low-ropes course. Low ropes course challenges are designed to enhance team-building skills. Through the use of cables hung low to the ground, participants use minimal props and one another to navigate the given challenge.

Environmental Education

LLDC is situated on over 300 acres of diverse habitat. Exploration and discovery are at the center of our environmental education philosophy.

Habitat Exploration

Explore the forest, field, and brook playing games, using observational skills, and learn about the plants and animals that live there.

Night Hikes

Night hikes are the highlight of many students and teachers who come for overnights. Groups enjoy the silent hike for all of the nocturnal sights and sounds. Listen for the beaver slapping its tail or the overwhelming sound of spring peepers!

Stream Investigation

Investigate the stream looking for macro-invertebrates (small animals), amphibians, testing the pH, taking the temperature.

Vermont Natural History

Learn about the geology, plants, animals, and unique watershed of LLDC.


Celebrate the end of the school year with swimming as part of a program. Certified lifeguards supervise swimmers within a designated swimming area.

Survival Skills

Shelter Building

As part of a team, groups build weatherproof debris shelters that will fit all members of their team.


Participants work in groups on a designated course with a set of compass bearings that they use to find control points (trees). The focus of orienteering at LLDC is to teach basic compass skills.

Fire Building

As part of a team, groups will build a “one match” fire with natural materials that they find in the woods.

Leave No Trace Principles

LLDC follows and infuses the following leave no trace principles into all activities: